The Book Blog Tour begins!

Hey everyone, my book blog tour with Juniper Grove Books has started!  Be sure to visit their site to see what blogs are scheduled to feature and review my book.

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New Cover!

Hey y’all!  I’ve got a grand spanking new cover for you my book.  Thanks to cover artist Marisa Serafini for all your work on this. It looks great and I’m excited!  If you have the book on iTunes / iBooks, then just download the update and you’ll see the new cover.

Visit the Facebook page here to see updates as well.


The novel is nearly here…

Hey all! The novel is nearly done with its final round of edits! I just got praise from my editor regarding many of the edits and additions I made, so that’s certainly a good feeling. Once I get it back, it’ll be uploaded to the iBookstore exclusively. In the following months, it will roll out to the other platforms including Amazon, Google Play, and Kindle. Those of you who want hard and paperbacks will get them as well.