The book:

Colin wants to survive in the urban jungle of Los Angeles, but no matter what he does, he keeps failing. He takes all the advice that everyone gives him. He goes to college, studies to become a police officer, and gets a girlfriend. Yet something still nags at him, tugging at his very soul. This life isn’t right, he thinks. His constant doubts of his actions lead him down a path of discontent in a world were he should be happy. The question is, in a world of constant change, doubt and beautiful women, will Colin succeed and find his happiness?

The author:

Sean Overman is from Northern California. He graduated from San Benito High School and attended Gavilan Community College. He transferred to Cal State Los Angeles and graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree. He worked for 10 years at a non-profit agency, teaching life skills to foster and probation youth, then managing a staff of 26 specialists. When he’s not writing, he hosts  podcasts / YouTube videos for AfterBuzzTV.com and produces segments for the after shows.


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